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Written by Himani Rathore

Leveraging the power of audio through podcasts

December 21, 2021 | Neha Chandra

A lot like visuals, audio holds a lot of power. A good podcast can capture your attention with the narration style, content, speakers and their voice. However, it seems like it took a pandemic and a consequent lockdown, to make us realize the power of podcasts. During the pandemic, more people turned to music and podcasts as they were homebound. This led to an exponential growth in the audio media market. There was 8-30% increase in listenership and downloads and engagement not during certain hours but throughout the day.  

It is only logical and feasible. You can get so much done while listening to the book, you would instead have to hold in your hands and read. I recall listening to my first podcast while doing the dishes, cleaning the house and basically getting a lot done while educating myself on personal finance.  

At dLOG! We wanted to keep up with the trend, but we also didn’t want to just start with anything to get the ball rolling. We wanted to set trends, spark meaningful conversations and thereby bring about constructive change in mindset. Our intention was to debate, deconstruct and discuss what mattered to us and our audience.  

Talk that matters
We had to firstly figure out what we wanted to talk about. One thing was certain. We wanted to have a candid chat with experts from the health and wellness industry about what is in vogue and needs immediate attention. An attempt to address healthcare issues and break down the complexities attached to the same. An attempt to talk about what was deemed as taboo. An attempt to create curiosity amongst our listeners and finally an attempt to leave them with a take home message.  

We tapped into health specific days such as World Heart Day, Mental Health Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Newborn Awareness WeekWe forayed into the area of medical devices, mental health, contraception, PCOS and breast cancer. Our talks conveyed that health and wellness is not limited to physical health but also to recognize that mental health is also health.  

All we asked our expert guests, was to come on board and have an unfiltered chat with us. That is exactly what they did and what made our conversations engaging, fun and informative. Our expert line up had founders, influencers, doctors, talk show hosts, lactation consultants amongst others.  

Our founder experts such as Vaishnavi R, Co-founder,, Nidhi Singh, Founder, PCOS Club India, Vishal Gondal, GOQii and Aruna Chawla, Salad Condoms gave hard hitting statistics about the wellness market and how their brands are dedicatedly working to bring about a change in how sex education, heart health and lifestyle conditions are perceived.   

Our doctor experts such as Dr Tanaya Narendra, Dr Rashi Agrawal, Dr Divya Vora and Dr Mahima brought credibility and helped us break down complex healthcare jargon. 

Creating recall
What we started as a bid to initiate a dialogue has now become a platform recognized for quality content amongst the health, wellness and communication industry. We’ve received heartwarming feedback from stakeholders, our listeners and brands with a purpose. What stood apart in our conversations was the innate relatability factor as told by some of our female listeners such as on PCOS and its impact on mental health. A lot of our listeners wrote to us saying that there is such a dire need to talk about this lifestyle condition and so many of those connected deeply with what was being talked about.  

We’ve heard from experts who want to partner with us to collectively work towards starting these meaningful and healthy conversations. We’ve also received suggestions to strengthen our content and as we step into 2022, we promise to bring to you more impactful content with strong voices. 

All we are trying to say is that do not underestimate the power of audio interactions. There is plethora of content out there for you to listen to. It does get overwhelming at times because there are so many options but chose wisely and educate and entertain yourself with all that is out there. Happy listening!  

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