Gift a healthline this Mother’s Day
Take a step to get the health screening done

Written by Himani Rathore

Mother’s Day is time to celebrate everything that motherhood means to us. Let’s take short detour this time from spa days and dinner dates leading to her health and wellbeing. This Mother’s Day can mark the beginning to some important conversation at home and redefine our way of celebrating love and care for her. Here’s a list of five gifts that will count.

1. Mammograph

Despite being the second most prevalent cancer among women and having high awareness rate, most of us hesitate to take preventative measures for the same. Early detection is undoubtedly the best chance of an effective treatment therefore making it to the top of your gift list.

2. Pap smear test

Cervical cancer contributes to the highest cancer mortality in women with alarming stats revealing one death every 8 minutes in India. There is a pressing need for regular screening for early detection which can reduce the mortality rate. Women between the age of 30 through 65 are advised to take the pap test every three years and HPV test every five years.

3. HPV vaccine

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the primary cause of cervical cancer and several studies have shown that HPV testing can improve the detection rate. Though HPV isn’t curable, it can be prevented by the HPV vaccine. There are multiple studies that suggest its only effective for women below the age of 26 but contemporary research has proven its high prevention rate among older women also. One must take between 2-3 doses in a span of six months depending upon the brand one chooses. You can visit a gynaecologist for screening an active infection before opting for the vaccine.

4. Anaemia profiling test

Anaemia is known to be a ‘silent killer’ among women in India as one in every two women (56%) suffers from some form of anaemia. The two main causes are nutritional deficiencies and infectious, former (Iron deficiency) being the most prevalent cause in the Indian scenario. A basic blood test can help detect the same and nudge one to take the necessary treatment.

5. Menopause counselling

Menopause is still a taboo topic in our country and is associated with numerous stigmas like aging, moodiness, undesirability etc. Apart from the physical changes, it might cause mental health issues like increased stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. It is a subject that is not taught to us in any class, but menopause counselling can help educate one about this major change in one’s life. A menopause counsellor can help women feel supported and be better prepared for the natural biological process.

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