There is light at the end of the tunnel. Always.

Written by Himani Rathore

April 30, 2021 | Vagmita Sharma

It’s been a taxing few months; no denying it.

A few have gone through more than the others. Worst, we don’t know where this dark tunnel will end.

But, we are humans. And we have proven to be resilient in the most adverse situations. Look how we are fighting back and not willing to say, I give up!

I am writing this because I have discovered something that we all need desperately. The tight knot that we all feel in our heart, at all times…well, I seem to have found a few keys to occasionally release it.

Everything around me is so saddening.

I have realized that my mental wellbeing is critical because I am responsible for the health and wellbeing of a few others very close to me. A few of us are also tending to people suffering from the virus and others who are themselves affected. The events in the recent past have taken a toll on us all.

One very unfortunate day, I worriedly called my granny who is now almost 90 and has seen three generations in our family in nappies (and without them too).

There…I discovered my first key!

She was smiling, unaware of what’s happening in the world right now (well she is quite updated but, we do keep a filter of information reaching her nowadays). Her smile did something to me — Reminded me of how I haven’t smiled or seen a smile on another face in hours. We spoke…and spoke…and spoke, and recounted so many of her life events that brought more smiles and laughter.

Children and grandparents are a powerhouse of endorphins. Make sure you begin or end your day face-timing one of these far ends of the generation.

I am away and of no use.

I am away from my parents and family folks and it’s frightening. It’s also frustrating that you cannot do much to help.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think. You are no more an ape. There is definitely something in every situation that you can do.

I found my channel in form of social media volunteers and I started supporting them in full swing. I found purpose and they — the much-needed support. Remember, your every act towards supporting the community, no matter how big or small, is precious.

I cannot stop ranting.

I have spent a week ranting, abusing, and weeping — at all places possible. Home, office, on calls, face time, and on social media too.

Do it all!

This is an unprecedented event and it’s not human to stay sane, well behaved, and in control. Voice out your opinion. Cry, if you find a strong shoulder. Talk. Its human to be expressive and vulnerable and catharsis is healthy for the mind and body.

A few of you may have other ways to release your emotions like Yoga, chanting, music, or dance. Embrace it all!

Its time to Offer


If you are more privileged than the others, donate with a full heart.

Donate your time. I have been donating my time to people who wish to talk and express what they are feeling. Be a good and empathetic listener.

Donate your resources and network too. Leverage your connections to help the needy. Finding a sense of contribution in these times gives immense peace and a sense of purpose.

Listening to our worried conversation about the pandemic, one day, my 5-year-old walked up to me and said, “COVID can be defeated. All you need is a mask and regular handwash. I am a COVID Warrior and I defeat the virus every day!

This brought tears to my eyes and I looked at hers wondering what world this generation will see growing up. Looking at my moist eyes, pop came her response — “Remember that story, Mumma? The one where Sasha says there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Yes, there is light. And we will reach there together!


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